Get to know us

Bray Local Drug & Alcohol Task Force was formed in 1997 and supports services for people in addiction treatment, families impacted by addiction and builds resilience in the Bray community.  

The Task Force is made up of people from the community, voluntary and statuary sectors and is chaired by the independent chairperson Joe Maguire.

The membership are;

Independent Chair Person Joe Maguire

Jim OBrien (Bray Travellers Community Development Group CLG)

Liz Murray  (Wicklow Public Participation Network)

Niamh Wogan (Bray Family Resource and Development Centre CLG)

Counsellor Anne Ferris WCC (Labour Party)

Counsellor Dermot OBrien WCC (Sinn Fein)

Garvin Hickey (Wicklow County Council)

Dave Tew (Bray Chamber of Commerce)

Triona Irving (Wicklow County Council, retired)

Seamus Ryan (An Garda)

Aoibhinn King (HSE)

Peter Brennan (Bray Community Partnership)

Elaine Forsyth (Bray Community Addiction Team)

Rosemary Yeats (Bray Youth Services)

Fiona Creedon (KWETB)

Coordinator; Colm Walsh

Administrator; Helen Kinsella

There are also a number of sub-committees, which include;

Treatment and Rehabilitation, chaired by Elaine Forsyth

Education and Awareness, chaired by Louise Cole

Supply and Control, chaired by Seamus Ryan

All Souls Night Memorial Concert chaired by Dave Tew